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What do we have here??…….a Republic!


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What is the Nazarene Fund?


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KrisAnne Hall gives you in-depth study of current issues.

 Listen to her podcasts and read her thought-provoking articles.


Ormond Strong honors our 200+ soldiers from Volusia/Flagler area who are deployed in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

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Americans can get the scoop on the invasion coming – Easy link above to Red-Green Axis



 Wild Bill for America

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Unite, Educate & Act!




Volusia Watchdogs Radio Show Archives

Hosted by Ray Sanchez

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912ers in Action

Links to current action items 


Heritage Action  will keep you informed and help you hold our elected politicians accountable.


Americans for Prosperity Florida has great legislative action updates.


The Florida Stop Common Core Coalition  

Educate yourself and help stop common core in your school district.


Florida Tenth Amendment Center




Radio Archives

Radio Archives

Volusia Watchdogs Radio Show  Hosted by Ray Sanchez _____________________________________ Show Archives Click on any of the shows. They will play right in your browser window. To Download any of these shows to your computer, right click the link and choose “save link as” or  “save target as”. Each show is about 30 minutes. (50-60MB .mp3 [...]