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 September 1, 2020

I’ll Take Freedom to Fail Over Big Government Care
Now that we have a new president, there have been more discussions in the office about the direction of our economy. In general, predicting future outcomes, whether on a micro or macro economic scale, is virtually impossible. The best we can do is take educated guesses based on trends of the past. The one beneficial thing a president can do is steer our federal government on a more market-friendly course.
Previous economic policies have not been conducive to freedom and have put us in a state of urgency. What once was a free market system has become a hybrid of crony capitalism and government control. Especially over the past 10 years, we have seen our federal government become a ball and chain to economic freedom. This Marxian-Keynesian mix is not good. Shifting away from this command-and-control system and back to good old fashion capitalism may send short-term shock waves through our economy, but will benefit us in the long-run.
Stability in government is a key factor in a free market if the goal is economic growth and prosperity. Arbitrary laws, which punish some and favor others, should not be made by our government. We have yet to see what the current federal government will do in regard to domestic policy. However, if in after four years, we see a booming economy, nobody will care about the media coverage of the current administration or what may have been said by our president. If the economy doesn’t improve, we’ll see another person in the White House. Let’s hope this present administration will take heed and adhere to sound economic freedom principles.
Manufactured panic can also affect human behavior and the economy. If the media hypes things to extremes, creates the perception of chaos and continues to negatively shape public opinion, segments of our economy will suffer. Groups causing destruction and mayhem can disrupt businesses and cause market instability as well. There have always been coordinated efforts to destroy America from within, but we are now seeing these efforts rise to new heights. Unfortunately, there are misguided enemies of capitalism living among us. Our government has a duty to bring justice to the culprits of violence and destruction. Without real justice and the rule of law, chaos and instability will continue.
Of course, capitalism can have its own natural disruptions. There are all sorts of market fluctuations that can cause hardships, but the ability to refresh is there. It is still the best system for bringing jobs and opportunity to the masses. Even the freedom to fail is freedom after all. Innovation and technological advances can at least have a chance in a free environment. Contrast that to socialism where economic stagnation is the norm. Getting back to our Constitution and the fundamentals of Liberty is the answer.
Even though a shift to free market principles will eventually make for a better economy, change will bring resistance. Hate and fear motivates many miscreants. So, hang on to your hats because we are in for a wild ride. Filter the news coverage with extreme caution and don’t fall for everything you see and hear.
A current example where some filtering is required is the continuing argument about Obamacare. The media is hammering Congress for an answer on the replace part of their insipid “repeal and replace” phrase. It’s sad to see the lack of any intelligent discussion by either side. Not only is the replace part unconstitutional, but it’s also a bad idea to allow government intrusion into the market like this. It’s so typical. The media frames the argument and our legislators fall for the faulty premise. The real question is, in a free-market system, should the government even be in the business of health care or health insurance? The answer is no. The best thing government can do is steer clear of being a competitor in the marketplace. If we really want to see America at its best, we need to be free to do so.
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