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 September 2, 2020


Unmasking Tyrants in an Age of Fear
I usually know right where to begin when sending out a Liberty message, however, I’d be lying to you if I knew where to start with this one. It’s been such a strange time. The lines of division are so scattered, nuanced and blurred that wrapping it up in one essay can be a bit daunting. Do I start with citizens snitching on one another, outing those they deem to be going against CDC standards or not following orders to close their businesses? Or how about a team of police officers swarming onto a church campus holding a drive-in service and telling a minister his rights and the rights of his congregation have been suspended? Then there’s the story of police standing in front of a woman’s home barking unlawful orders and threatening harsh action because they were told she allowed her daughter to go on a play date. Of course, there are the dozens of mayors and governors mandating unconstitutional stay at home orders and shutting down people’s livelihoods. Or how about big tech choking out any dissenting voices, even from qualified doctors and experts, on their media platforms? Quarantining has taken on a new definition as it is now the healthy who must remain isolated in their homes and be forced into unemployment. The encroachments upon our rights are piling up and Americans stand by offering little resistance. It doesn’t seem possible in America, yet, here we are. Many of my fellow citizens, friends and even family members are fine with compliance and have allowed Liberty to be quashed. I never thought in my wildest dreams that a virus would be the catalyst to open the door for such madness.
But, then, what to do about it? It’s not an easy answer as the country seems primed for conditioned acceptance. People like us feel outnumbered. Talking heads shame anyone who questions government action or tries to offer alternative advice on how to proceed. Government has become the end all and be all for these lost souls. We’ve come to a point where every community and individual needs government to deal with such a crisis. The role of government has been broadened to be our nanny and our king. Yes, our state health departments and our local governments have a role to play, but not the overreaching role we see being played out. Those of us with a good grasp of history and knowledge of the delicate balance of freedom are left behind to be ignored, forgotten and, in some instances, dealt with harshly. We must not allow that helpless feeling to persist, however, knowing the tide can turn on this veil of deception. The answer is growing teams of Liberty-minded Americans who will firmly, albeit peacefully, stand up to this growing oppression. It’s a process we must begin and continue to do until we secure our freedoms once again.
What started out as frightening news of a super-virus that was going to leave millions dead on the streets of America has now become a somber reminder of how easily our rights can be taken away. The initial terminology by the national assembly of “experts” seemed innocuous enough. Actions like social distancing, frequent hand washing and sheltering in place were what was needed, they said, until we manage to flatten the curve on this disease. Yet, all the while, the outbreak had already occurred with little evidence that it was killing the high percentages predicted. Scientific reasoning and fact-based reality were taking a back seat to computer models and conjecture. From inconsistent messaging by the World Health Organization to fearful press conferences by the Centers for Disease Control, insufficient information was being fed to us. The numbers didn’t quite add up and the statistical data was misleading; it was very difficult to make heads or tails out of what was really transpiring. While the “science” was being formulated, draconian measures swept across this land. Add to that the politicization of the pandemic and power-hungry officials positioning themselves for political and monetary gain. Fear caused people to behave in the most irrational of ways and, disappointingly, Americans complacently placed chains upon themselves.
So, as the dust settles on this horrible chapter, even more unsettling trends are exposed. More and more tyrants are appearing before are very eyes. We’ll see stories about a neighborhood grocery store greeter who admonishes someone not practicing social distancing to tales of governors threatening to keep businesses that they deem non-essential closed. Bloggers and social media trolls will callously describe those who protest forced lock downs as selfish idiots or even as attempted murderers. These despots of all shapes and sizes become tools for those who would like nothing less than to fundamentally transform America into a socialist state under the thumb of the UN . We witness bone chilling videos of health officials perfunctorily assessing how people can be removed from their homes if found to test positive for this virus. Despite contradictory and unproven theories on wearing masks, it is gaining traction to become mandatory and is becoming the dividing line between us. Wear one or you are guilty of attempted murder! We see governments across our country implementing biomedical and surveillance technologies to control their constituents. Stories abound about big pharma and big tech executives rubbing their hands with anticipation for more profits and power. Patents are at the ready with promises to make us a safe society. The unrealistic and Utopian idea of creating a perfectly sterile and hermetically sealed world is fomenting the rise of administrative health tyrants across this globe. Social engineers of the world are prepared with the technology to track and identify those who comply and those who don’t. Frightening concepts like contact tracing and biomedical tattoos are being massaged into the public lexicon until they are acceptable to a large segment of the population. Comply and take the mark that proves you have been tested and vaccinated or else you cannot be allowed to participate in society. There seems to be an entire nation of sheep willing to succumb to this tyranny, fall into line and even believe it is their patriotic duty to do so. It’s a very sad chapter, indeed, with the tranquility of servitude, rather than the animating contest of freedom, being the new norm.
This American will not fall into that dreaded pile of misery. I serve only one master and He is the Divine Creator who has given us the blessings of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. I will continue to stand on those time-tested, Judeo-Christian principles grafted into our foundation. I will proudly hold up those standards, try to protect those blessings and make my voice heard. I will unite with others who believe the same and will try to grow our ranks. The government is not my master; in our form of government, government is to be our servant. True authority comes from the Almighty and those in government that turn away from that responsibility and use the power lent to them for tyrannical means, who place the state above God, who abuse that authority for control and who place themselves above the Supreme Law of the Land, are reprehensible traitors and enemies of America. Yes, we should submit to laws made within the bounds of our Constitution and respect the rule of law. But no person, organization or governing body has the authority to violate our unalienable rights. The initial response in the midst of the confusion is understandable, but the truth still stands. Even those who erred on the side of Tyranny rather than Liberty who finally come to their senses and show they are willing to turn back to our principles can be forgiven. However, we cannot allow this culture of despotism, with fear and necessity used as cattle prods, to crumble the foundation of our country. The American blueprint, crafted with axiomatic truths and fought for with the blood and toil of our ancestors should never be dismissed. We should all take heed and learn from this dark chapter in our history and be the lamp stand to guide us off this diabolical path and back to our first principles. We must stand up for America, the world’s last bastion of freedom. I will stand……and am willing to die for it……are you?
In Liberty,

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