Sep 092020
 September 9, 2020
Achieving world peace would be so great. As long as I can remember, I’ve heard people preaching about it and have read plenty on that theme. Just think what a marvelous place the planet would be if only….. my gosh, I can almost hear John Lennon singing “Imagine” in the background. Scholars, musicians, artists and poets alike have hummed similar tunes for centuries. Hollywood entices us with films about the promise of a Utopian world. After all, we have evolved as humans and should eventually reach that point of perfection, right? Well, I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but it’s a grand illusion.
The premise to this idea of societal perfection is that human nature will progress to a point of collective enlightenment whereby everlasting peace can be attained. Therefore, we will all eventually live in harmony. The problem with that logic lies in the assumption that human nature changes over time. Well here’s a splash of cold water on that theory. Human nature does not change. Yes, we may increase in knowledge and awareness. With each passing year, we witness amazing technological advances. By God, we humans have achieved all sorts of amazing scientific breakthroughs, built marvelous architectural wonders, planned sophisticated market logistics and produced processing power beyond belief. I am sure the future will be filled with more awe-inspiring feats and mind-blowing milestones at exponential rates. However, it’s not to be confused with our innate nature, our way of being. Human nature has been the same since Cain murdered Abel. Let’s see, how many more ways can I say it? We get jealous, we want to control everything and everyone, we behave in unpredictable ways, we desire more than we have, we are selfish, we get greedy and we can be a hateful nasty lot. On the flip side, we can be loving, selfless, helpful, empathetic, thoughtful and generous. However, our nature will always be what it is, human.
Some of the world’s most intelligent beings have fallen into this alluring Nirvana trap. Albert Einstein, for instance, was a huge proponent of world peace. He associated with pacifists and international communists who believed in this state of perfection. They believed that somehow, if we could just get everyone on board to erase borders and get rid of the private ownership of property, worldwide unity and tranquility would follow. Yes, as intelligent as Albert was, he ran around with a bunch of collectivist-minded imbeciles who were true believers in the perfection of the individual and the elimination of nation states. It’s not to say his intentions weren’t noble. He was a strong proponent against war and weapons of mass destruction. However, his politics led him into the land of unicorns. Sorry Vladimir, but an enlightened society filled with new Soviet men and women is unattainable.
Certainly, as individuals, we can improve ourselves and be of better nature. As a Christian, I try hard to follow Christ and His teachings. I am constantly working on becoming a better person because it’s my desire. But there’s definitely no perfection here! No matter how many people are saved or go through a transformation of the mind, the earth will never have the entire population singing from the same hymn book. No matter the pew, church, temple or belief system, human nature will follow its usual path and evildoers will persist. I try to stay away from absolutes, but I must make the exception here and boldly state: World peace will NEVER happen by human intervention. There will always be a fly in the ointment, a snake in the grass or a devil in the details. It’s just human nature.
So, what are we to do? Well, that’s why I am so high on spreading the principles of Liberty and promoting what our Founders tried to accomplish with our Constitution. You see, our Constitution was built with a firm understanding and knowledge of human nature. Our system of government was devised in such a way to make it hard for the dark side of human nature to control the rest of humanity. As Thomas Jefferson once stated, “it was intended to lace them up straightly….”. It may not be perfect, but at least it’s a path to freedom so we can have the opportunity to live in some relative peace.
Even with the wisdom of our forefathers, we have fallen into a few ruts. Several amendments to our original compact are troublesome. In my studies, I’ve come to the conclusion that parts of the 14th Amendment, the 16th Amendment and especially the 17th Amendment have chipped away at our foundation. I’ll go further. They have done serious damage to our Republic. Even more egregious, is the failure to follow some of the basic stipulations within the body of our Constitution. For instance, did you know that originally the House of Representatives alone had authority over a budget no matter what the Senate or the President had to say about it? This power of the purse was one of the strongest safeguards placed into our Constitution. It was set up so those closest to the people in our federal government were given the authority to hold those strings. Unfortunately, laws have changed the way budgets are passed, which in itself goes against our Constitution. Budgets change on a dime, laws get messy to repeal once passed. Please read a great explanation on this point in relation to Article I, Section 7, especially the exchange between James Madison and Alexander White.
We should be forever grateful for what we have and how special America is. We may not get to that pinnacle of perfection, but we sure have a shot at happiness.
In Liberty,

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