Jun 102021
 June 10, 2021

The Scathing Letter

To all those purveyors of hate, evil and animosity; to those who reject the established American blueprint of Liberty; to those who lack the moral fortitude to defend Nature’s Law; to those weak-minded fools with no desire to aspire to the principles and values necessary for a peaceful and prosperous society; to those who take no care to study and comprehend our blessed foundation, real Americans can barely stand your continuous assaults and neglects, can hardly associate with you and can scarcely brand you as American. We find it impossible to seek reconciliation with you or even bare your presence. You are deserving of rebuke.

You have placed all of America in a very precarious situation. Whether out of pure malice, foolish ignorance or complicity, your degeneracy is deserving of a hellish fire pit and disqualifies you from retaining the title of fellow countrymen. You have savagely trampled upon the blessings of Liberty, have maliciously ignored our Constitution and have disavowed the fundamental rights of mankind. You have broken the sacred contract and have severed ties with decency and real humanity. You belong in a den of beastly creatures devouring one another. You have all become actors in a satanic plot designed to rot us to the core with dreadful and malignant designs. Your ungodly behavior places you side-by-side with the heathens feeding at the taxpayer trough. You destroy the very country that gave you opportunity and freedom, a country built with the toil and labor by those abiding in noble ideals with a firm reliance on Divine Providence. You are rejecting God and Liberty. You leave nothing but misery for future generations and are causing havoc on our present society. You sow the seeds of discord and discontent and spread a destructive and divisive disease.

My only prayer is that you find your way out of your self-created mire, that you turn from this wickedness, that you repent of your sinful behavior and return to our sacred principles where mankind can live in peaceful freedom, and, after doing those things, that God will have mercy on you. For now, you are only deserving of His wrath. If you have no desire to turn away from your putrid ideas and misguided actions, leave us in peace. Leave from these blessed shores and find a country that will receive you. Your regret will be great lest you enjoy the tyranny, lawlessness, corruption and chaos that defines most other places on this planet. Our forefathers looked to mankind, both here and abroad, to follow those precious designs of Liberty. They prayed other nations would take heed and follow this sacred blueprint. Many have tried and failed; others have sought a different course. Most continue to rely on the rule of man which only leads to poverty and suffering. May you enjoy the squalor. The choice is yours, but don’t think you can continue with evil here.

Your actions and words make it clear you are not interested in dialogue, but want only your decrepit voices steering this nation. Your destructive policies and diabolical double-standards are crippling our country. You have ruined generations by teaching our children hate and falsehoods. You divide with identity politics, mislead with false science and provoke with foreign ideologies. Your persistent pernicious designs are a cancer to our education system, our government institutions, our arts and sciences, our churches and synagogues, our sports industry and news outlets, our monetary system and financial markets, our commerce and trade, our federal and national structure and every other thing in it. You cannot destroy, however, the American spirit that lives and breathes within real patriots. We are not interested in your lies, your deceit, your gaslighting, your hypocrisy, your perversions, your theivery, your bribery, your false gods, your vulgarity, your torment and every other damnable thought, word, act or trait. We ask not your advice or even all the stolen wealth, but implore you to go from here. Find another country or planet where your tyrannical ways and decadent culture can feast upon itself. Your anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-Liberty ways don’t belong here. We live in a country where the responsibility that must accompany our freedom is necessary. We are bound by our duty to those principles enshrined in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. We have no quarrel with anyone’s freedom of conscience, however, once you infiltrate your evil designs into the whole of society and perpetrate crimes against humanity by action and deed, you have become an enemy to Liberty. You don’t belong in a free society, for only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. Go from us to a land that will accept your destructive and despotic ways.

If you believe you are in the right, are unrepentant and feel no reason to change, nor deserve rebuke nor departure, then prepare for battle. The defenders of Liberty are still here and standing firm. We stand on sound reason, established principles and axiomatic truths. We will not be silent and we will not forsake our posterity. We will give our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to protect and defend Liberty. While you may continue to take advantage of our good-hearted nature, leverage against our love and kindness, scheme to rob us of our production and wealth, hurl insults at us, spread your false narratives, fake virtue and gutless gaslighting, we will not be deterred. Victory will always be ours, for your fight is not with us, but with God and His precious gift of Liberty.

In Liberty,


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