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 January 1, 2020


Our goal is to provide you hard hitting information you wouldn’t normally receive via traditional media outlets. Over the past few years of research, we have become more aware of the outright bias and slant of our main news sources.  From Washington media elites to local hometown reporters, the complete sanitization of hidden agendas and the laundering of political corruption have given rise to a new dawn of patriotic Americans not afraid to stand up and be heard. Enough of the Old Gray Lady, and no more power brokers controlling the news; the Sunshine Examiner will put you front and center of Lady Liberty’s message to “We the People”.

As founder of Volusia 912, I began a journey with other great Americans in our county to unite, educate and act. Our three years of service to the community has included Constitutional classes, candidate forums, civic engagement seminars and government fraud and waste exposés. We have offered great venues to network with like minded individuals and helped with charitable works throughout Volusia. We have felt a sense of duty to each other and our Country to shine the light on those to whom we give power in government. The time now has come to expand our message both far and wide.  We count on you, the community, to help spread the word. Please consider an ad in this newsletter, or a generous contribution to show support of our cause.

If you want to learn more about us, come to one of our meetings. We meet the last Friday of the month at Sica Hall in Holly Hill from 7 to 9 pm. For more info, go to www.volusia912.org.
May the human spirit shine forth in America, and may the torch of Liberty never be extinguished. A big thanks to all who have supported us; may your future hold great prosperity! May God bless you and may God bless America!

by Ray Sanchez

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