There is an affliction afoot which is as old as humankind. It has slowly and methodically seeped into our American landscape. It affects the minds of many and does not discriminate. Whether young or old, rich or poor, black or white, weak or strong, male or female, high IQ or not, this disease is pernicious and contagious. Within every aspect of our lives, its horrible effects are evident. It could eventually bring down all of us, even those not suffering from its insipid reach. It has its roots in evil and malignant designs, and is sometimes hidden within seemingly innocent cover. Its lure frighteningly ensnares even some of the most hearty of souls. From halls of power to small town churches, from stadiums to the silver screen, from the newsroom to the classroom, from the boardroom to the bedroom, it has manifested itself into thoughts and words followed by actions destructive to all. Like a ship thrown off course and finding itself lost, it is a vehicle to human misery masked under sublime names and movements. It has snaked its way deep into the American psyche destroying the vestiges of the very foundation designed to avoid it. There is historical evidence proving how dangerous and damaging it is, yet many ignore its causes and effects. There is an antiserum, but it requires knowledge, understanding, virtue and adherence to fundamental truths. Some may be saved with guidance and constant hard work, but some may never find their way out of its grip. However, if enough cure is spread throughout the land, we may be saved from the most devastating plague in the history of mankind.

There are only two options. Learn what it means to be an American and faithfully follow the path to Liberty. Or become another tool for the propagation of age-old Utopian schemes shrouded in new guises which all lead to tyranny.

There are resources to the path which will guard against this debilitating and dangerous cancer and help you become a champion for Liberty.

For great instruction and direction, there is no better resource today than lessons from KrisAnne Hall. Her Liberty First University has the solid fundamentals necessary for Liberty.

KrisAnne Hall

Become an American. Read, study and absorb the wise words of our foundation. These documents reveal the truth where we the people retain power and government is instituted to secure the blessings of Liberty.

The Declaration of Independence

The U.S. Constitution

Bill of Rights 

The Federalist Papers

The Anti-Federalist

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Bible

 Find a good local church that teaches Biblical truth and has good leadership. Here are two we recommend:

Providence Church in Ormond Beach

Port Orange Christian Church


For a good solid study of economics, check out our friends at the



We are blessed in this nation to still have a few great colleges that promote our American principles and values. 

Hillsdale College

Liberty University


For State Legislative issues concerning education, Florida Citizens Alliance gives groups like ours the opportunity to link together to fight the good fight.

Please support them. 

Find more information at Florida Citizens Alliance website.

Also, be sure to check our friends out at the 10th Amendment Center 


 Here’s a resource to quell any fears about the coronavirus. Talk to your doctor and don’t let big government, big tech or anyone get in between your decision with your doctor.

Dr. Richard Bartlett gives us excellent case studies and a protocol to rid us of all the nonsensical measures that have shut much of our country down.

Covid Silver Bullet or Budesonide Works